Google’s 1Gbps internet: 10 things to know

KANSAS CITY: Google made its foray into the market for bundled internet and television services on Thursday, promising access speeds more than 100 times faster than those of traditional US cable and telecommunications companies.

The web search leader unveiled its ultra-high speed Google Fiber service in Kansas City, Missouri, and could start installations in September, executives said. Google hopes to roll out the service to other cities later.

Here is a look at 10 ten things you would want to know about Google Fiber:

1) Google Fiber’s ultra high-speed connections and television offerings are aimed at surpassing those of current providers, allowing users to search live channels, Netflix, YouTube, recorded shows and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand programming. However, no phone service is available.

2) Google said it also intends to roll out product packages for businesses, but would not provide details.

3) Google Fiber includes more than 100 networks and costs $120 a month for a package of TV, 1Gbps internet speeds and 1Tb of cloud storage.

4) Google is also offering an internet-only package priced at $70 a month. The download speeds would be around 1Gbps, according to Google executives.

5) The package includes popular networks owned by major media companies such as Comcast Corp’s NBC Universal, Discovery Communications and Viacom. Premium movie networks are available from Liberty Media’s Starz for an extra fee. But it excludes several major TV names, such as News Corp’s Fox cable channels; Time Warner networks like CNN, TNT and TBS, as well as Walt Disney cable channels like ESPN and Disney children networks.

6) Google is charging a $300 installation fee, saying consumers should treat it as a ‘home improvement’ cost.

7) The initial service area includes central Kansas City, Missouri and the entire city of neighboring Kansas City, Kansas.

8) Consumers must pay $10 to register their household online for service. About 50 ‘neighbors’ will need to register in order for their area to be eligible for installation services, according to Google executives.

9) Google Fiber includes such features as the ability to record eight TV shows at a time and store up to 500 hours of high definition programming. Users can choose to use a tablet or smartphone as a voice-activated remote control.

10) Google is offering its Nexus 7 tablet with the Google TV app to early users of the service.


55 responses to “Google’s 1Gbps internet: 10 things to know

  1. AWESOME! The future is here! It will take years to go national, but this will enable the kind of home people have dreamed of. Instant downloads, full immersion, photo realistic online game content, and finding, sorting and assimilating information far faster, in more user friendly ways!

    I envision interfaces like in Minority report and some other futuristic films, where with a combination of movements and voice recognition you can surf and sort information at the limits of brain function!

    I invite everyone to read and talk about the worlds problems, and solutions at

  2. Fascinating, informative article. It appears that the future has arrived. Too bad many of us in out of the way rural areas (such as the Big Island of Hawaii) won’t see this product for many years. Cable and DSL fees are ridiculous in the Central Pacific, so many of us are on dial-up systems. I will admit that “enhanced” dial-up is a marked improvement over ordinary dial-up connections. I wonder if google’s approach will reach me before they put me in a pine box. Aloha, Russ

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  4. Interesting, but as we’ve seen before Google have had difficulties breaking into new ventures.
    If successful, and expands nationally (I’m in UK by the way) it could spell the end of traditional landline phones. And open up consumer choice hugely. But, would Google then throttle connections to their rival companies? Always seems scary to think of one company having all the power.

  5. Google has introduced so much revolutionary technology; it has redefined computers and internet like Bill Gates revolutionized technology and Steve Jobs as an inventor.

    Excellent blog, I really enjoyed your insight. Keep up the good work. It is hard to find interesting blogs such as your own, so I also enjoy reading an informative and entertaining blog such as your own. Please visit for information and disease prevention and healthy food and drink recipes.

  6. This sounds great, and it will be where the population is large enough to justify building. Most remote areas will still be left with dial-up or expensive wireless.

  7. This is interesting however, their are also HDD limitations. In terms of downloading or such, most HDDs will not be able to write at that speed…meaning such HDDs would be bottlenecks.
    Also the server you connect to would have to have a good connection to reach such a speed!

  8. Reblogged this on 100000 Days and commented:
    Very interesting! Thank you. Do they really have any competition in this arena? Do we really need a Google phone service – isn’t there an app for that? (that can use that incredible speed)

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